Randi + Nick | Beautiful Fall Maternity Session at the Prairie

Randi and Nick are expecting a little baby boy this winter, and I was so excited to shoot their maternity session against the backdrop of beautiful fall leaves. Between their outfits, their props, and the baby bump - I'm in love with their gallery! Here's a few of my favorites from their session. 

ceecee-photography-randi-nick-web 17.jpg
ceecee-photography-randi-nick-web 10.jpg

Randi's mom traveled along for the session, and I'm sure glad she did! She brought out all the props. Like these little blue baby converse shoes! Adorable. 

ceecee-photography-randi-nick-web 21.jpg
ceecee-photography-randi-nick-web 25.jpg

With a name already picked out, these two even brought along a streamer with the letters of Carson painted on each flag. 

ceecee-photography-randi-nick-web 32.jpg
ceecee-photography-randi-nick-web 94.jpg

I love when clients bring their own ideas for poses to the shoot. This first image was their idea! 

ceecee-photography-randi-nick-web 38.jpg
ceecee-photography-randi-nick-web 53.jpg

This momma to be is a beauty. The perfect dress for a maternity shoot in the fall. 

ceecee-photography-randi-nick-web 58.jpg
ceecee-photography-randi-nick-web 66.jpg

We headed out towards the creek for these shots. The reflection of the trees on the water was beautiful, but a few black and whites never disappoint. 

ceecee-photography-randi-nick-web 69.jpg
ceecee-photography-randi-nick-web 71.jpg

Before heading out to another area, we made a stop at the bridge - and these are some of my absolute favorites!

ceecee-photography-randi-nick-web 163.jpg
ceecee-photography-randi-nick-web 166.jpg
ceecee-photography-randi-nick-web 100.jpg
ceecee-photography-randi-nick-web 90.jpg

Cheap to Chic Bar Stools





How to Upgrade Cheap Bar Stools

The light wood color of these cheap bar stools from Walmart weren't exactly the style I wanted for my kitchen island, so I painted and stained them to change their look into more of a rustic farmhouse feel. Here's how I achieved the look.

Sanded top, and sanding sponge used for legs and rungs. 

Sanded top, and sanding sponge used for legs and rungs. 


Sand the seats using an orbital sander, sanding down to the raw wood. The better these are sanded, the better your stain will take to the stools. Next, sand the legs and rungs with a sanding sponge. The sanding sponge can also be used to hit any spots you may have missed when sanding the top. 



Vanilla Frosting Country Chic Paint

Vanilla Frosting Country Chic Paint


After sanding, you're ready to paint the legs and rungs. I used Country Chic Paint in Vanilla Frosting. I love the antique-like color of Vanilla Frosting. And, because it's a chalk paint, it's specifically made to use on furniture DIYs.  

Paint legs and rungs with two coats. 

Paint legs and rungs with two coats. 

Pre-stain tops with wood conditioner.

Pre-stain tops with wood conditioner.


Pre-stain the tops of the stools using a wood conditioner. I brushed on one coat of Minwax Pre-Stain to each stool with a foam paint brush, letting dry for at least 15 minutes before staining. 

Stain tops with wood finish stain.

Stain tops with wood finish stain.


Use several coats of stain, letting dry between each, to stain the tops. I used an old t-shirt to stain with Minwax Wood Finish in Jacobean color. 



I love how easy this DIY was, and how these bar stools turned out! Their look fits into our farmhouse style kitchen way better than how they were purchased as is. 

Anthony & Ashton | Ohio State Engagement Photos

When Anthony and Ashton asked me to take their engagement photos they told me they wanted to have their session on Ohio State's campus - and I was so excited! These forever buckeyes met while in school through a mutual friend, so the campus means a lot to them. I've known Anthony and Ashton for a few years, and can even recall when they first started dating. A perk, and one of my favorite parts of doing engagement photos for friends is watching their relationships grow. I'm so happy for this lovely couple and can't wait to see where their marriage journey takes them! Here's some of my favorites from this session.

I loved that these two showed up to their session with matching OSU shirts! 

Anthony and Ashton have to be the most laid back couple I have ever photographed. They were so easy going, that even though our main iconic picture spot (in front of the stadium) was blocked off and being used for an event, it didn't stop them from being open to other ideas and locations. 

As the sun was setting we switched up outfits, and made our way around The Oval and used different buildings for some great backgrounds. I don't think they ever took a bad picture! They were pros at this. 

p.s. Anthony and Ashton, if you're ready this, I'm really sore from all the walking we did... I think that makes me really out of shape. BUT it was well worth it! 

Mariah & Arabella | Mother-Daughter Photos in Downtown Findlay

This adorable pair met up with me in Downtown Findlay for a mother-daughter session that brought a lot of spunk out of this adorable four year old, Arabella, and her beautiful mom, Mariah. A mini me of her mom Arabella has the prettiest big, brown eyes! This is actually my third time photographing them, so I've enjoyed seeing them once a year for updated photos... And I've enjoyed getting a glimpse at watching her grow up right before my eyes - where has the time gone?! 

This photo shoot took us to the streets of Downtown Findlay. Having went to college, and working for two years in Findlay, I knew the secret gems of some great locations to snap some photos. If you're ever in the area, Downtown Findlay is a perfect place to stroll down main street. From little clothing boutiques, to art galleries, to local restaurants and coffee shops - Downtown Findlay makes for a great little day trip!

On this session we found some intricate steps and doorways alongside buildings to use as backdrops, and my favorite - a huge mural of a famous painting along an alley. But perhaps my favorite photos are the ones we took in front of a plain white column where I was able to get the best smiles out of Arabella... Let me tell you, this girl is ornery, BUT she is so cute! She loved twirling in her dress, showing off how she could stand on one foot, and running towards her mom to give her a big hug!

Here's some of my favorites from their session: