I'm a photographer, a designer, a writer and a marketer - with a passion for agriculture. Outside of my full-time job as the Brand Manager at Richwood Marketing, I provide professional photography services through CeeCee Photography. I specialize in natural light photography, while also freelancing graphic design, website development and digital marketing... You might be wondering about my passion for agriculture. Keep reading.


Growing up on a small family farm instilled in me a passion for agriculture... and an interest in photography. In short, the farm became my canvas and the place where I first learned to photograph "things." 

I started taking photos of our farm and animals in high school. Eventually, my family and friends took notice of my pictures and encouraged me to keep shooting. I acquired my first camera after saving up enough money from a summer job of working on a garage door assembly line. From my numerous disposable cameras, to my point and shoot camera, this camera - a Nikon D7000 - held the key. In 2011, it came with me to college. It helped me become a student photographer for The Pulse, The University of Findlay's campus newspaper. And in April 2012, I started my own business over Facebook called CeeCee Farm & Livestock Photography. The name came from, CeeCee - my nick-name, and my then dream - to be a photographer working in the agricultural and livestock industry. When I went back to school in August to begin my sophomore year of college I signed up for a digital photography class - a class that inspired me to pursue photography even more. My photography professor encouraged me to send my work into The Toledo Museum of Art. While scrolling through some potential photos to submit, my professor told me, "send that one!" It was an image of a corn field. I told him, "This will never get in. It's just corn." I ended up submitting the corn image along with two other entries. Sure enough, a few weeks later I received word that my corn image had been accepted. Out of over 600 applicants, my photo titled "All Join Hands," was one of 92 pieces accepted into the 94th annual Toledo Area Artists Exhibition at the Toledo Museum of Art. In December 2013, I was asked to speak at The University of Findlay's Donor Banquet featuring my "All Join Hands" photograph. In 2015, I was a finalist in the Photographer's Forummagazine "Best of High School and College Photography Contest".


Since its inception, nearly five years ago, a few things have changed. CeeCee Farm & Livestock Photography is now CeeCee Photography. Though I still love living and working on a farm, I realized I like to work with people, capturing precious memories that would otherwise be forgotten. These memories are what I strive to preserve - and the sole mission of CeeCee Photography.